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The newest trend in accessories is accessories for your accessories. Purse hangers (decorated metal hooks) are a relatively new thing. You set them on the edge of a table or desk and… hang your purse.

When I first heard of this product my reaction was “Why?” Do purses really need their own special hangers? What’s wrong with just setting them down somewhere?

But “just setting them down” isn’t as simple as it seems. At home, sure, there are plenty of places to park your purse, but what about at the office? And, when you go out to restaurants, where does your bag go if there’s no extra chair? In instances like that, the floor is out, and a portable purse hanger is a good solution.

Plus, they’re pretty. The designers go out of their way to beautifully ornament the hooks so folks are just as likely to ooo and ahh over the hanger as your chic bag.

Price : @ 95.000